Pretty Grunge

I love to mix different styles in my outfits, the outfit below i am wearing this really pretty skirt, i love it so much, the colour and pattern is so cute. I brought it online at beginning Boutique! Now that it is getting warmer where i live, i am loving styling shorts and skirts! I am wearing a vegan tank top that says ‘eat veggies not animals’ i love wearing this top in summer, and it gives a edgy feel to the outfit. The oversized denim jacket is my favourite so sorry if i post it many times haha. I like the colour contrast of the blue and the pink in this outfit. On my feet i am wearing my all time favourite shoes at the moment, high top vans. One thing i love doing is wearing dresses and skirts with sneakers/skater shoes, it makes the outfit look more relaxed and cool! img_9188img_9201img_9212img_9238img_9254img_9261img_9306img_9300img_9334

Sam xx


This Post is more personal, i don’t really know, some posts might be like a diary entry, I’m just going to write whatever.

I titled this blog post ‘Uncertain’ because this single word describes my life right now. I’m in a moment of my life where i really don’t know what is going to happen, but in someways i feel think it is the moment where anything can happen. I have plans, just Im not sure if they are going to happen, of course i want them too, I’m just worried.

For one thing, like many people who just finished high school, will i get accepted into university, in my case i’m wanting to do a fashion course at polytech. Im still need to apply, whenever i think about my future plans, well for next year, studying this course, is always on my mind. I feel like a have such curiosity, and creativeness when it comes to what this course could teach me.

Another thing is moving, moving out of my hometown, away from my family, away from my comfort zone. Part of me is like yes, I’m ready to get the hell out of here, and another part is like am i ready, am i capable of doing this. Some thing that makes this uncertainty harder is time. I feel like time is running out, i need to get so much done..

Work to save money, Get license, Buy a car, Get braces off before i go, Look for somewhere to live, Make time to do my passions, work on myself, get in to my course….

Im currently listening to music, a song right now ‘Bloom’ by The Paper Kites. I instantly feel better, i don’t know, i love the way music makes you feeeeeeelllllll!!!!!

I think for my next blog post i will do some ways that make me feel happy, and motivated so i can reach my goals!

Anyway sorry for my random rant, here are some quotes from my Pinterest that i love!


Sam xx

Day Dreamers Club

Recently my sister and I have started a online store ‘Day Dreamers Club’ we have had the idea for a while now. We love vintage clothing, and designing so we thought having a store would be really fun! We only just started it last week so we are still getting everything sorted. So we don’t have as much items, at the moment we are just selling our second hand clothing. It is really fun taking pictures and finding cool vintage clothing to put on our store as well. We have started to design our own t-shirts also, so we will be adding those soon, so far it has been a really fun and exciting process. Eventually i would love to stock items that i have designed and created myself! I wanted the name of the store to be something that kind of represents me and my sister. We are quiet people, who are always overthinking and have lots of dreams and aspirations and are always day dreaming haha so that is the inspiration of the name. The ‘club’ part of ‘DayDreamersClub’ is a way for people to connect with, as i wanted it to feel like they are apart of the club, (the hippy, vintage, overthinking club) haha.

Here are some of the items we have in the store at the moment below….

Thank you for reading, (if anyone did!!! ) xx

Current Vintage Favourites

Lately i have been finding really different vintage looking clothes, so i wanted to share my favourite pieces 🙂


I love these Tee’s a lot, they are so different and just scream 90s fashion! They are both from Dolls Kill.


This Oversized Denim Jacket is one of my all time favourites, i have had it for a while now and i am still obsessed with it! It just adds so much to an outfit! This one is from PrincessPolly.

Vintage Outfits

So i have recently been taking a lot more photos for my store that me and my sister have just started, and i have always wanted to start a blog, so i decided too finally! I will be posting outfits that i love with a lot of vintage clothing.

These photos were shot for our store and this Outfit below reminds me of 90s style, which i love! The top is one i borrowed from a friend and i love how it gives a sporty vibe. The jeans i am currently selling on my store

Me and my sister are obsessed with vintage clothing, and we have a growing selection of boyfriend/mom style jeans, i love how they give such a vintage vibe to outfits!



Sam xx