Day Dreamers Club

Recently my sister and I have started a online store ‘Day Dreamers Club’ we have had the idea for a while now. We love vintage clothing, and designing so we thought having a store would be really fun! We only just started it last week so we are still getting everything sorted. So we don’t have as much items, at the moment we are just selling our second hand clothing. It is really fun taking pictures and finding cool vintage clothing to put on our store as well. We have started to design our own t-shirts also, so we will be adding those soon, so far it has been a really fun and exciting process. Eventually i would love to stock items that i have designed and created myself! I wanted the name of the store to be something that kind of represents me and my sister. We are quiet people, who are always overthinking and have lots of dreams and aspirations and are always day dreaming haha so that is the inspiration of the name. The ‘club’ part of ‘DayDreamersClub’ is a way for people to connect with, as i wanted it to feel like they are apart of the club, (the hippy, vintage, overthinking club) haha.

Here are some of the items we have in the store at the moment below….

Thank you for reading, (if anyone did!!! ) xx

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